Free Primary Health campaign for school students :

“Aasmani Development Society highly concern about children's health. Aasmani Development Society observed that most of poor and ultra poor families' children's are going to admit govt. primary school. But this type of families is much neglected about their child health issues. It's noted that, If a blooming planet get his necessary take care then it become a large tree as a same way if ensure health facilities to very childhood of any child then he or she become a citizen with healthy. Aasmani Development Society thinks that, they have responsibility to do something for those children's. Science they cannot come to Free Friday Medical Clinic was taken Friday Medical Clinic as a different shape and start Free Primary Health campaign for school students program.”

Free Friday Medical Clinic :

“Aasmani Development Society periodically organized Medical Clinic for ultra poor people's of Mymensingh city as for free costing on every Friday 9 am to 01 pm. The main objectives of this program are help and contribute to ultra poor & marginalized people's health sector and also building awareness regarding common ailments, family planning methods, nutrition and hygiene and sanitation.”

Aasmani Development Society work for person with disabilities people. Dissabled people are not a curse of society. They have Humanity.Short film ami(I) is a such example of this type of work.

Aasmani Development Society is working for humanity and development. 'The Changed Mohendra Halder' docufiction film is a such example of this type of activities.

Aasmani Blanket Distribution

Sometime winter season is Curse for somebody specially whose lives on Char area. The average temperature for most of the country is about 10℃ on winter. According to Aljazeera website (11 January 2013)-More than 80 people have died because of the cold and many more have been hospitalized with respiratory problems and pneumonia. Older persons, Women's & children's are mostly affected on the Curse. Aasmani Development Society became very anxious about that and wants to do something for them. Aasmani Development Society makes a fund for blanket from this thought.